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This is inspired by Barry's awesome…Specifically, #1:"1. "I'm very happily married, would never cheat, and all of my girlfriends are single (most of my husband's guy friends are single as well).

if you don't, then dude might just kill your ass!

I have my hand and wedding ring in plain sight but think it'd be awkward and presumptuous to thrust it into someone's face and scream "STAY AWAY, MARRIED!

" I talked about it with my husband and he is friendly with girls who come up to talk to him and his guy friends at bars/clubs and he said that he works "my wife" into the conversation naturally which I think is a good idea.

The absence of that somehow allows for a big degree of denial about the relationship even being an affair in the first place.” “Online affairs represent safety, fantasy, and a big escape tunnel. While some argue how you get to investigating online sex options is important, others point to what happens once you get there as being what matters.

However, if you actively work on the communication skills required to steer life’s challenges, you have a successful life long relationship.

Couples who have the skills to talk calmly about their issues are able to sort out the many challenges life can bring.

Marriage and raising a family takes work, and all couples from time to time hit bumps in the road.

Sometimes upsetting situations can lead to more serious marital problems.

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